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Users can click a button to access the full release notes. The ease-of-use UiPath offers with its table of contents feature makes the navigation https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ of the release notes even easier. If users have questions about past releases, they can easily access the release notes table of contents.

AnnounceKit can be integrated inside your platform to display in-app product updates, and you can set up a dedicated feed on a standalone page to keep a record of your past announcements. It’s a great tool if you have an international audience because it can create posts in multiple languages and produce translations. Include visual aids such as videos, GIFs, and screenshots to add visual aspects to your release notes, allowing you to walk users through more complex information in an easier-to-understand way. In truth, however, release notes can play a vital role in the overall product experience because they provide a valuable opportunity to communicate with customers and your broader market. When done well, they have the potential to nurture engagement and increase customer loyalty.

Release Management with the IT Infrastructure Library/IT Service Management

Updated Cloud Data Fusion docker image dependencies to include fixes for security vulnerabilities. Pub/Sub streaming source creates a Pub/Sub snapshot at the beginning of each batch and removes it at the end of each batch. Use the TABLE_STORAGE view to get a snapshot of current storage usage for tables at the project level. Fixed aknown issuewhere node ID verification failed to handle hostnames with dots. Fixed a bug where disks may be out of order in the first boot, causing node bootstrap failure.

Issue summary – A short description of the bug or the enhancement in the release. Please improve this article by removing excessive or inappropriate external links, and converting useful links where appropriate into footnote references. List of specific changes required to administer the software. They can then notify regular users and those interested in learning more . They want you, the user, to be able to view information about their latest update wherever you are.

Changes for google-cloud-bigtable

On June 16, 2023 Apigee API hub released a new version of the software. For more information, see Block unauthorized endpoints and backends from connecting to service attachments. Only the Security Center Service Agent (roles/securitycenter.serviceAgent) role is required by the Security Command Center service account. Previously, the service account also required the roles/serviceusage.serviceUsageAdmin and roles/cloudfunctions.serviceAgent roles to work properly. Cloud Build now provides the ability to upload npm packages to Artifact Registry automatically and generate Supply-chain Levels for Software Artifacts Level 3 build provenance. For more information, see Build and test Node.js applications.

Starting July 11, 2023, Artifact Registry write requests and delete requests have their own quotas. For more information on this change, see Quotas and limits. The Quota page displays only the default quota limits and doesn’t include any additional quotas provided by Google. Failures during updates to Marketplace installations now show meaningful errors. Previously, a derived table could fail to pick up on a filter value declared on the Explore level in a view that referenced the derived table via $. BigQuery OAuth access for a user’s Drive is now read-only.

More Definitions of Release Note

Web users don’t read—they scan—so make your release notes scannable. One way is to highlight important keywords you want the user to notice. Release notes can tease new enhancements to your product and serve as another tool in your marketing team’s toolbox to engage users.

definition of release note

Throughout the country, people have been queuing outside stores as they anticipate the commercial release of the new phone. Sales peak when retailers time their promotion campaigns what is release note with the release of a box-office hit like Star Wars. Selling their home to release the equity is some people’s only way of funding their living expenses in old age.


If you’re a product-led team or even a product-led business, then you’re probably familiar with release notes and what they’re for—no worries if not, we’ll get to that. Release notes can take on different roles in product marketing and serve a broader purpose. Your team can use release notes to increase engagement, build excitement around your entire product, and extend your reach to new audiences. Release notes are a robust sales and marketing tool, so who writes them is very important for who they are written. Don’t cut corners on your release notes—they’re your chance to share the culmination of your hard work.

You need to find a balance between providing enough detail and not overwhelming users with big, confusing blocks of text. The people who scan release notes want information on what’s been changed and how that affects them. So keep explanations short and simple, but don’t oversimplify.

Case Studies in Release Management

The new Get embed URL feature lets you automatically generate a private embedding URL for a dashboard, a Look, or an Explore. The embed URL can optionally include parameters, such as filter values, and apply an existing theme. SQL format queries will now be supported by the create_query_task API. Performance of Git pull operations has been improved by leveraging Looker’s required shared file system mount, since Looker does not support clustered deployments without a shared file system. YAML LookML projects, except for LookML dashboards, will now return an error, and all content that is based on YAML LookML projects will break. The subscription pricing mode for the discovery service is now generally available.

definition of release note

You can now create stored procedures for Apache Spark using Java or Scala. You can also use the Google Cloud console PySpark editor to add options for stored Python procedures for Apache Spark. On June 27, 2023 we released version 1.2.0 of the Migrate to Containers modernization plugins. FQDN Network Policy, currently in Public Preview, can now be enabled on GKE Autopilot clusters, by updating your clusters.

Explain changes with visuals

Trust me, people search for this kind of information and they care. Keep explanations short and simple, but don’t oversimplify. For example, saying, “Bug fixed and updates applied” is short but vague.