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You can fill out an application form for an ITIN for you, your spouse, and your dependents when you prepare your tax return with us. If you’d prefer not to submit your information in person, you can mail it. Because of the sensitive nature of the documents you’re sending, only use certified mail with a tracking number. When your goal is to eventually apply for legal United States residency, demonstrating that you’ve lived in the U.S. and paid taxes can aid your application.

get an itin

We know every form you need and every deduction you can take to pay less this year. These offices are located all around the country.The staff are equipped to follow up on ITIN applications. If your dependent doesn’t live in Canada or Mexico, their passport doesn’t list a date of entry, they’ll need an extra document to prove they actually have residency in the US. Because ITINs are confidential, they aren’t considered reliable for tracking someone’s credit history or financial health.

If you qualify for an exception, then file Form W-7 with your proof of identity and foreign status documents and supporting documentation for the exception. The ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) is a U.S. taxpayer identification number, issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It’s for individuals who are required to have a taxpayer identification number for tax purposes, but who do not have, and are not eligible to obtain, a Social Security Number (SSN). The Sprintax Returns tax preparation software will automatically generate Form W-7 for nonresident aliens who require ITINs for their dependents in order to claim them on their tax returns. At Keeper, we’re on a mission to help people overcome the complexity of taxes.

Apply for an ITIN

The agent will make copies of them and certify them for your application. It combines the difficulty of navigating complex laws with the challenge of understanding your finances. One of the most important aspects of tax filing is your taxpayer identification. If you have a social security number, that is your taxpayer ID. After you apply for an ITIN and qualify for an ITIN, you could receive a letter from the IRS assigning your tax identification number in as early as seven weeks.

The University/OIA does not currently provide assistance to students wanting to apply for an ITIN. Students needing an ITIN will be able to use SPRINTAX to apply for one with their tax return filings in February/March. For more information regarding taxes and how to file, please see  Tax Responsibilities for International Students and Scholars. To obtain a new or replacement SSN, you must apply online via the Online Social Security Number Application.

If you are including your spouse or children on the application, they must also have a valid ITIN or valid SSN. To comply with IRS tax rules, you must submit complete GLACIER tax records to the Payroll Office and a complete ITIN application to the Berkeley International Office. Berkeley International Office will notify the Payroll Office that you have applied for an ITIN. The UCB Payroll Office is allowed to issue the payment before the ITIN is issued by the IRS.

The instructions for Form W-7 describe which documents are acceptable. It is used by the IRS to identify taxpayers who do not have a social security number. The only people who need to have an ITIN are people who are required to file federal tax returns but do not have a social security number. If you are required to have a federal tax identification number (or file a federal income tax return), and you are not eligible to get a SSN, you must apply for an ITIN. If you must file a U.S. tax return or you are listed on a tax return as a spouse or a dependent and you do not have, and cannot obtain, a valid Social Security Number, you must apply for an ITIN. The IRS no longer accepts “SSA205c”, “applied for”, “NRA”, blanks, or previously issued IRS temporary numbers.

Why should I get an ITIN?

If you are unsure, leave a field blank and we will cover it during the workshop. I’m not going to spend much time getting into these, since they don’t apply to most people. But if you want to learn more, read page 10 of IRS Publication 1915.

In her spare time, she is a devoted cat mom and enjoys hiking, painting, and overwatering her houseplants. The IRS requires “original documentation or certified copies” of your personal documents with the ITIN application. Please talk with one of our advisors if you’re not sure how to get certified copies.

Furthermore, if you’re eligible for a SSN in the future, the income you reported under your ITIN may count toward your Social Security earnings. ITIN applications normally require submission of the original passport. An exemption to this requirement allows those with a SEVIS record to submit a letter from the HIO certifying the applicant’s identity. Unfortunately, some of the ITIN Operations Center adjudicators do not apply this exemption. The only solution for this is to reapply with the same materials and the HIO letter.

Even if you’re not eligible to get a Social Security Number (SSN), you’ll still need to file income taxes in the United States if you live and work here. If this is your situation, don’t worry—there is a way to do so. J-1 students who are employed (e.g., GSI/GSR, other student workers) and J-1 scholars are NOT eligible for an ITIN and must apply for a SSN Purchase Journal Entry in Accounts at a Social Security Administration office. Please consult with Berkeley International Office to collect necessary social security authorization forms before applying for the SSN. If you are from a tax treaty country and you have your actual ITIN number, you may be able to reclaim some or all of the withheld tax from your University award or stipend.

That’s why many creditors only accept Social Security numbers and won’t rent to ITIN holders. Social Security Numbers are issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA). They are shared across multiple governmental departments (including Immigration and Customs Enforcement). The information contained in this web site is not a substitute for advice obtained from the Internal Revenue Service or a qualified tax professional. Applying for or renewing an ITIN is free if you complete the application yourself, visit an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center, or use a Certifying Acceptance Agent that is at a nonprofit or college. Commercial Certifying Acceptance Agents will usually charge a fee that can range from $50 to $275 or more.

Apply for New ITIN at IRS Assistance Center

Please follow the instructions linked above to compile your application before coming to the HIO for the certification letter. Applying for an ITIN is just one step in receiving your University award. You do not need to have the actual ITIN number to receive your award, but may be asked to apply for an ITIN as part of the process of receiving these funds.

And, because they’re verified on-site, your original documents may not need to be mailed to the IRS. Our CAA will submit copies of these documents, along with your ITIN application or renewal, to the IRS for you. Ask your tax professional if a CAA is available at your H&R Block location.

You will need a valid, original document with a photo to verify your identification along with a document that verifies your foreign status. Starting in 2016, some ITIN numbers must be renewed on a rotating basis or when not used for three or more years. Usually, the IRS will send you a letter asking you to renew it.

Who needs an ITIN?

Contact your departmental HR or financial office for more information. Because advisers in our office are not tax experts, OIA will not be able to advise you on if or how you can get a tax refund or other individual tax matters. An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is used by individuals who are not eligible for an SSN if they are required to file a tax return. Individuals who have SSNs or are eligible for SSNs should not apply for an ITIN.

Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN)

Once the package is assembled, attach the Form W-7 to the front of your first-ever US federal income tax return, along with the supporting documents. Be sure to take a selfie for sentimental purposes (optional step). You can leave all the tax ID numbers on your 1040 tax return blank. Once your ITIN is assigned, you’ll use it in those boxes on future returns. A Social Security number (SSN) is a taxpayer identification number issued by the Social Security Administration.

For people who want to be granted US citizenship or permanent legal residence, filing a tax return is an important first step in demonstrating your “moral character” to the government. And acquiring an ITIN allows anyone — including nonresidents and undocumented immigrants — to file and pay their taxes. If you do not have access to a Social Security number (SSN) when completing your taxes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will issue you an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

Regardless of how you chose to submit your application, you are required to fill out a W-7 form. GOV+ can help streamline this process to fill out the required paperwork. The best option is to file your tax return as early in the tax filing season as possible. In the United States, every person who has taxable income has to file an annual tax return with the IRS, or Internal Revenue Service. To help the agency keep track of the millions of filers every year, each taxpayer needs a unique tax ID number on their return. Sarah is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and a former staff writer at Keeper.

Founded in 2006, Immigrants Rising transforms individuals and fuels broader changes. With resources and support, undocumented people are able to get an education, pursue careers, and build a brighter future for themselves and their community. People who are ineligible for a Social Security number can apply for an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), regardless of immigration status. With an ITIN, you can report your earnings to the Internal Revenue Service, open interest-bearing bank accounts with certain banks, and conduct business in the United States. Parents or guardians may complete and sign a Form W-7 for a dependent under age 18 if the dependent is unable to do so, and must check the parent or guardian’s box in the signature area of the application.